DQFanSurvey or Dairy Queen is one of the companies that has satisfied its customers and offers customer satisfaction surveys since 1940. Dairy Queen is famous for its sandwiches, salads, burgers, shakes, shakes, and ice cream.


DQFanSurvey is Dairy Queens’ survey program for collecting customer feedback and improving its services. Customers can visit or to participate in DQFanfeedback or a survey.

Questions Asked In The DQ Survey

In this survey, you will answer some very basic questions. See the following questionnaire:

The DQ fan survey asks for your opinion on the quality of service and food served at Dairy Queen facilities.

The questions are based solely on your last visit to Dairy Queen.

  • Did you like the atmosphere of the boutiques?
  • How is the cleanliness and hygiene in the Dairy Queen stores?
  • Did you like the behavior of the Dairy Queen team?
  • How good was the food at your table?
  • Did you have a problem visiting Dairy Queen? If yes, please explain in detail.
  • How can we improve our services?


Since 1940, Dairy Queen has convinced its customers with irresistible desserts, ice creams, and very tasty shakes. This is due to the high quality of products and services that people all over the world appreciate. Due to the incredible success of their ice cream trial, Noble and McCulloughs opened their first Dairy Queen store in 1940, starting with a $ 0.10 ice cream parlor in Joliet, Illinois.

The original building stopped serving ice cream in the 1950s. DQFanSurvey is one of Dairy Queen’s best efforts to ensure that customers truly love their service and the food they serve.